Financial Consolidation

Streamline complexity for an easier financial close: Accelerate, automate and centralize the financial close, consolidation and reporting process. Create one comprehensive view of your organization: Financial closing, Financial Consolidation & Financial reporting.

Fast track your financial close and report with confidence

Accelerate your close
Trim days off your monthly close process by automating data collection, data entry and time-consuming consolidation and accounting procedures.

Increase transparency
Know exactly where your entities are throughout the close process. See who has submitted and processed their consolidations or completed inter-company eliminations.

Meet auditor demands
Improve the integrity of your financial data with detailed audit trails, tracking data flow throughout the consolidation process and maintaining accountability.

Minimize IT dependency
Embrace a self-service finance-owned and managed solution, giving you real-time data updates and the flexibility to easily define and maintain rules and processes.


Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Create and analyze sophisticated plans, budgets and forecasts based on business process with small to large data sets. Integrated scorecards and strategy management – Model metrics to measure progress toward objectives and link them dynamically to actions and forecasts.

Business Intelligence Reports & Dashboards

Business Intelligence integrates reporting, modeling, analysis, dashboards, stories, and event management so you can understand your organization’s data, and make effective business decisions.

Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation & Reporting supports the close, consolidation and reporting process with the agility and affordability of an integrated solution.It also helps finance teams deliver financial results, create informative financial and management reports and provide the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.

Data Management (ETL & DWH)

A data warehouse, or enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system that aggregates data from different sources into a single, central, consistent data store to support data analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. Simplifies ongoing integration tasks and new app development. Ensure consistent master information across transactional and analytical systems. Addresses key issues such as latency and data quality feedback proactively rather than “after the fact” in the data warehouse. Data warehouses are solely intended to perform queries and analysis and often contain large amounts of historical data.

Financial and Operational KPI’s

KPI is a quantifiable value expressing the business performance in a shorter time-frame level. They are used in different industries to track organizational processes, improve efficiency and help businesses to understand and reflect on the outcomes. When a business is measuring the effectiveness of a process, often metrics and KPIs are established to perform the evaluation and analysis.

Performance Management

Gain value with the most complete cloud: Comprehensively address your needs with functional breadth and depth across financial and operational planning, consolidation and close, master data management, and more.